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The Bordeaux treatment is used on all the vineyards. Harvest of the grapes occurs in mid-February (summertime) and from there the fermentation of the skins takes 10 days.
The grapes undergo alcoholic fermentation and malolactic fermentation. From here, lactic acid are processed in and the fermentation results in a glycerol yield.
The Barrique vats can each hold 225 litres of fermenting wine and are of the French oak variety. Once this timeless process is complete, Klein DasBosch wines are bottled in elegant, tasteful bottles.


As winemaking is an art, Jan Boland Coetzee must surely be an artist. Former South African rugby legend turned winemaker extraordinaire – a strange combination if there ever was one – Jan has excelled with his own range of Vriesenhof, Paradyskloof and Talana Hill wines. Now he has turned some of his attention to producing the Klein DasBosch range, and what an amazing feat he has performed.

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